Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stranger Cover/Approaching a Portrait

Very excited to receive this week's Stranger Cover with my film portrait of Stan Rumbaugh. I'm really happy with the results & wanted to reflect on the assignment a bit on my blog. I think most photographers agree you never want to attempt "the same" shot twice; nor can you. My portrait of now Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn during last years election time worked out really well. It was the right combination of photo/pose/personality. When asked to do something similar last week for Stan I immediately got a bit worried. Obviously he is different than Mike and I didn't want the shots to look exactly the same with editing, although the crop would also be a head shot. In the end I'm glad I tried something a bit different and I think it worked to show Stan as a positive approachable guy. Not just a cheesy Politician's head shot. Vote Rumbaugh!