Monday, November 30, 2009

Rose over the years..

Photographers all have their favorite subjects. I met Rose several years ago. She was only 17. She had never really modeled but i knew her face would translate great in a photograph. Upon shooting Rose this last week, I realized her and I have probably shot together more than I've shot any other subject, at least for portraits. I was thrilled at how our most recent shoot went and thought it would be cool to look back at a few of my favorite shots with her over the years. Its fun to see your own work progress along with someone else growing up through photos.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shooting John Keatley

I was recently hired to shoot a portrait of Photographer John Keatley for City Arts Magazine. I was honestly more stressed at first for this shoot than any hip band or pretty girl haha Shooting someone who has been hired to shoot Annie Liebowitz was a little nerve racking.

I had a few ideas for doing a Keatley "Esque" studio shot but i'm glad I decided on something more up my alley instead. I'm extremely happy with the results. John was a really rad dude. and his work speaks for himself. Props to him for bringing it from Seattle. And getting paidddd =P As I'm sure he did for the new cover of Sarah Palins Book:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Popular Noise Foscil Release

My buddy Byron over at The Journal of Popular Noise has done it again. I first worked with Byron on Truckasaurus's Relase then again on The Flexions-Leasure Time LP

His new layout for Foscil-Residential looks gorgeous. Order This limited letter pressed beauty today. Its so refreshing to see such thought and design going into an analog musical release.

Whats so Great about Grey?

Saw this on Jay's Blog.. Enjoyed it for both the obvious Grey graffiti cover-up paint reason..and also.. on these days when i get really tired of the dark/gray seattle days. I need a quick 2 day California Re-Vamping of my vitamin D

Look at a book

I had seen these images online.. but seeing them in the actual MoonMilk book was AMAZING.. Ryan McGinley has done it again

Monday, November 23, 2009

Photos of the day

Few random shots for today..
Got an old roll back from September's PDX trip for MFNW. I love my Hasselblad!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photo Group Week 2

This week our photo group assignments were to each write a one sentence storyline and add them to a pile. We each picked randomly out of the pile. My storyline was "He knows he's being followed..."

I wanted to put a twist on the most likely way of interpreting it. Instead of doing a stalker/cinemtatic/following idea I used followed how its more commonly heard these days. Twitter. I documented a day in the life of "being followed" from my friend Phil Reed. who Tweets for himself as well as the more popular Poor Life Choices

Our Photo Group will be posting all entries and info on our new blog..Add it to your blog list and keep track of some great photos from some cool peeps (should be up sooon!)

Keepitlight Blog

Friday, November 20, 2009

Built to Spill!!

Dream come true yesterday shooting a band I've loved so much and whose music has been there for me over the years. Ended up being really great dudes as well. These two portraits were taken at a really high iso due to almost o light and time. but I really dig the rough, grainy feel though. reminds me of old built to spill tunes

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Night Shot (Photo Group..Week2)

Several photographer friends and I have started a weekly photo-group (name to be decided..) to stay motivated, creating fun shoots, etc.. The group has a weekly "assignment" as well as bigger monthly or bi-monthly projects. This last week's assignment was night shot. To be interpreted as you wish. Here is my photo. I decided to embrace the wet rainy Seattle streets. Using only street lamps and the reflective wet ground for lighting. Hasselblad 500C Polaroid. Fuji 3000B

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Genius Awards

I was fortunate enough to be assigned shooting portraits of this years Stranger Genius Awards winners. These people are chosen as some of the best of the year in their field and are all creating inspiring, passionate work. The Stranger gives the winners financial assistance as well as exposing them to a larger audience for their achievements.

Jeffry Mitchell for Visual Arts. Jeffry was super fun to shoot and such a cool talented guy. Its fun shooting other artists who are excited about watching you work/set up lighting and hear about your ideas. Getting to meet people like him is what I enjoy most about editorial shooting

Cody Rivers Show for Theater His parter in the show was unavailable for the shoot so we improvised haha We got some strange looks from the surrounding people walking around Pioneer Square but it was fun to walk around trying crazy "theatrics" for the shoot

Pacific Northwest Ballet for Arts Organization. This shot was particularly challenging. Sometimes with editorial portraits, you go in with a clear idea of the shot you want to achieve and have to improvise when it just cannot happen that way.
They refused to let me light the dancers so i was forced to use a really long exposure in order to let the small hot lamp they were using to practice be noticed and show enough of Mckaw Hall as the background. Im pretty happy with how the revised shot came out

Stacey Levinefor Writing. Stacey was a little under the weather and nervous about shooting but we got coffee at her favorite cafe where she often writes and made use of the nice sunny fall afternoon. I loved this nearby bench in capital hill and she informed me it was constructed of pieces from an old demolished theater that used to be in Seattle.

Last nights Awards Celebration was a ton of fun. The Moore is one of the best classic Seattle Venus and the Cupcakes, Tom Douglas food were a perfect way to start the night. Go check out the paper this week and check out the excellent articles on each Genius.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Scrap Show Tonight!

Come support my girlfriend and 8 other local Seattle designers. Scrap: A show featuring all re-purposed wood used in jewlery, furnature and other design. Tonight from 6pm-9pm at Fancy downtown on 2nd avenue near the moore theatre. which happens to also be hosting the Strangers Genius Awards this evening.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Camera Day

I love the feeling of getting the first roll back from a new camera. Been wanting one of these lil guys for a long time and finally found one for a good steal of a price. A few of my favorites from my new Olympus XA2

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Lodge

I may have a camera collecting problem...Thanks to my friend Annie For taking this lovely photo of my new Fun Wall. Nick & I have named our new place The Lodge in honor of its wood paneling and woodsy cabin feel. Its so nice to be in a comfy place as the cold, wet, Seattle weather sets in for the season...

Creative Couples

My recent CityArts shoot with The Vardis in North Bend, WA was very inspiring. Ive always loved creative couples but they were definitely one of the most amazing I have had the pleasure of meeting. Recently relocating from NYC, both are classical master musicians who have been very well respected. Lenore and Manny (whose now 93 years old) are also both fine art painters. Specializing in oil painting. Even in their older age after years of achievements both are still deeply in love and pushing each other to create more art and show their passion in gallery's, publications, and online.
I thought id share a few creative couples work I really enjoy of different mediums.
First off..Photography:
I have been a huge fan of these two for years. They make it all look so effortless and beautiful. From lifestyle shots and Polaroids to commercial ad's and celebrities portraits.
Jeremy & Claire Weiss out of LA

Industrial Design:
Creating gorgeous products that not only look amazing, but are both functional and many are eco-friendly.
Mike and Maaike out of San Francisco

Film Set Design:
These two have been creating the scenes and visual images we remember from such amazing visual films as Pulp Fiction, Rushmore, Royal Tennanbaums and most recently, Inglorious Bastards.
Dave & Sandy Wasco

and last but not least.. I too am lucky enough to be in an amazing creative couple relationship. My Katie does both industrial design as well as her recent Jewelry Endeavor's

Friday, November 6, 2009

Its been a minute...or two

Wow..I have completely neglected to stay on top of this blog.. and i regret it. I like how blogging forces me to think about my work as well as just whats going on in my life in general. Its been a really busy few weeks but all in a positive way. Moved into a new place and away from the Central District (which has its ups and downs). Been shooting a bunch; both for fun and for work. Really excited to see some of my assignments coming out in the next month or two. Gotten to meet/work with some amazing people Also Started attending a new weekly photo group with some talented friends to stay even busier creating photos outside of work stuff. Ill plan to post my weekly shots as well as our monthly bigger scale group submissions. Its looking like Mike Mginn is our new Mayor!!! YAY Seattle! Hopefully my image will live on as part of this historic mayor election

I celebrated my 26th birthday with friends and fam.. Feelin good about another year older. Thanks to Patrick for new T-Shirt featuring a Polaroid of Myself hahaha
Ill leave you with one random inspirational Polaroid from my friend whitney in pdx:
Stay tuned for much more frequent updates!