Friday, November 6, 2009

Its been a minute...or two

Wow..I have completely neglected to stay on top of this blog.. and i regret it. I like how blogging forces me to think about my work as well as just whats going on in my life in general. Its been a really busy few weeks but all in a positive way. Moved into a new place and away from the Central District (which has its ups and downs). Been shooting a bunch; both for fun and for work. Really excited to see some of my assignments coming out in the next month or two. Gotten to meet/work with some amazing people Also Started attending a new weekly photo group with some talented friends to stay even busier creating photos outside of work stuff. Ill plan to post my weekly shots as well as our monthly bigger scale group submissions. Its looking like Mike Mginn is our new Mayor!!! YAY Seattle! Hopefully my image will live on as part of this historic mayor election

I celebrated my 26th birthday with friends and fam.. Feelin good about another year older. Thanks to Patrick for new T-Shirt featuring a Polaroid of Myself hahaha
Ill leave you with one random inspirational Polaroid from my friend whitney in pdx:
Stay tuned for much more frequent updates!

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