Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Javas & Gordini

Several years ago I had the chance to see an apartment in capitol hill that I would never forget. I met a random kid outside the Ben Lomand building smoking cigarettes who happened to be subletting it from the owner; Gordon Brown (better known as Gordini by friends). It was a four bedroom apartment filled with his art work as well as rare relics of the past from all over the world. Each room having a specific theme and color palette. I always wanted to do a photo shoot there but never thought id have the chance. Years later, I have become good friends with Javas Lehn who ended up being Gordini's godson. He invited us to spend some time in the apartment with him and told us more about his late godfathers amazing life.

Gordon served in World War 2 as a Navy officer. Later in life he went on to doing interior design for the Frederick and Nelson department store. He eventually decided to devote his life to art/writing/travel and spent the last forty years of his life doing this. Last night Javas had one final get together with our friends at Gordons apartment before he moves to NYC. I planned a portrait for him of all of us inside my favorite room of the apartment. The White Room. Im extremely happy to get to have this memory of Gordon's place and good friends. You can read more about Gordon Summers Brown in his Obituary and his Book (To No Nameless End) which is available on Amazon.

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hana ryan said...

I just shot with Javas and Ashley and wore some of his grandfather's amazing sweaters, cloaks and jewelry for the shoot! so excited to see the back-story and connect some dots...