Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keep it Light Week 3/4

Our Group (Whose Blog is Finally UP) took a two week Break due to the TurkeyDay Holiday. Our two assignments were:
1. To choose a book you love and create an image out of a paragraph in the book. The book I chose was Always Running By Luis Rodriguez. It is the true account of a man who grew up in the latino gang life in Los Angeles during the 60's and 70's. He explains the book was made in hopes of making sure his own son never went that route. His son Ramiro did end up in the LA Gang Life and is currently serving a large prison sentence because of it. My portrait was supposed to be Ramiro, in a paragraph where Luis talks about how much pain and scars his son hides underneath his skin. He has finally reconciled with his son and they both have found a relationship after all this time.

2. The second part of our assignment was to step out of our "cool camera" comfort zone and use a disposable documenting our Thanksgiving. My camera was definitely hit or miss as I remember about disposables but I ended up getting a few images I really love. I de-saturated the bw images but the rest im posting are as is.

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