Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Morrison Holiday Portraits

I volunteered to help Katie's Mom with a special Xmas gift for the residents of The Morrison. They offer apartments for around 200 chronically home-less people suffering to overcome addiction, mental disease and financial troubles keeping them on the streets. These people were so excited to have their portraits taken for Xmas gifts to their friends/family.

That first photo is Skip. Although he normally is extremely quiet and doesn't talk much with other residents/volunteers he was soo excited to talk shop about photography. He shot sports for a living years ago. We talked about lens's, films, strobes and everything else. He didnt want a Christmas tree portrait but offered to let me snap a few against this wall.

It felt great knowing how grateful these people were for such a simple Christmas photo. Looking forward to spending more time @ The Morrison and doing more photo projects with the residents.

Thanks to Nas for helping out and assisting all day!
A few of my favorites from the afternoon:


Megan said...

These portraits are awesome! I have been reading your blog for a while and love your work. Thank you for doing such a sweet thing for these residents. I work at DESC and would love to see more Morrison photos if you continue to work with them!

SaraJane said...

Those photos are amazing! You did a really great thing doing that for those people.
You really made them look beautiful!

Would love to see more photos in the future from the Morrison!

Osiris The Great said...

Kyle! You are an all around portraiture photographer. You have the most diverse subjects young, old, friends, models, etc. I love it. I can't wait to see how your portfolio is going to grow in the next 10 years =)

Janet said...

Kyle you have given those residents a wonderful gift.

Aaron Edge said...

Wonderful project, great work man... happy new year to ya!