Friday, June 4, 2010

Sasquatch Festival 2010. Monday:

The final day of Sasquatch was a great way to close it out. Whether you were sad, alone, and broke at the end of it like the kid pictured above or just enjoying the simple things like rolling down a big grass hill (Pictured below) It was the end of an amazing weekend. Monday's musical highlights were my local favoritess Past Lives as well as the soul brother Mayer Hawthorne. Seattle's Rock Orchestra performed one of my all-time favorite albums (Arcade Fire-Funeral) and had the crowd singing allong and watching in awe. Lastly, how could i forget the lovely Zooey Dechanell singing as half of She & Him. WEEN closed it out and although I'm not much of a fan they definitely had a fun light show and energetic performance.

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Derek Henderson said...

these are all amazing. you captured it. Love the first one.