Tuesday, July 28, 2009


NOWIREHANGERS Clothing Booth from This past weekends Capital Hill Block Party:
My Image from last years CHBP

Im all about paying Slats some kind of "tribute" on a t shirt or fitting beer cozy but these guys didn't even ask permission. I know it happens to all sorts of photographers. But im gonna at least attempt at some kinda compensation. Last i heard they sold out of Cozies and T shirts going for $30 a pop all weekend. This Years Photos By: Kelly O


Sean Klingelhoefer said...

Wow man what a bummer / exciting at the same time. Best of luck getting your money, but chances are it might cost more to fight than it would be worth in court. BTW where the hell is that polaroid you were talking about? :P

Rachael said...

Ouch- that sucks KJ :(