Thursday, February 4, 2010

Visual Acoustics

I had just read about this documentary on Julius Shulman in The Stranger and am so glad i caught it before its run is over at NWFF. If anyone reads this today and it interests them, GO SEE IT TONIGHT (last night of its run)

Overall, I feel is the perfect film for me to see right now. Aside from it involving so many things i enjoy (Mid Century-Modern Architecture, Film, Photography, Cinemetegraphy, Furnature) It gives such a candid look at someone who truly found there passion and lived life knowing it. Julius was just as funny and on his mark in his 90's as in his 20s any 30's.

I will be in LA next weekend and a shoot I already had been planning involves a wonderful model but most importantly a 1950's modern home nestled in the LA Hills. I cannot deny this film completely added a new dimension of how im looking at the shoot visually. Thanks for that Julius.

Visual Acoustics from wes on Vimeo.


Jeff said...

thanks for the heads up kyle looks like i can catch it in phoenix on march 28th

ben blood said...

I wanted to see this so bad, but I've been and still am out of town. Thanks for sharing.