Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keep It Light "Film Inspiration"

This weeks Keep It Light Photo Collective project was to draw inspiration from cinema and create an image or series of images. Nick & I Teamed up for this one as we both love Michael Mann's Epic Masterpiece HEAT. The opening scene is visually a perfect way to set the tone for the rest of the film. A Master of location scouting, Mann always shows off LA in a way that really reflects someone who loves it and knows it well. I scouted a location here in Seattle I thought was similar to the opening scene of the film and I love our results. These two were my favorite from our series. For anyone who hasnt seen the film, I'd highly recommend it. A rare movie that actually ties together action, love, suspense, and drama seamlessly.


Tracy V. Moore said...

haha...this is great! it took me looking at the photos for a few times before I went "oh...that's kyle" for some reason the expression on your face and of course the blood...all made my mind not recognize you for a while. I dont think i have ever seen this now I definitely have to.

donald said...

Fuck yes! HEAT is amazing. Photos are ill.